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MY LOVELINESS - 私の色香 from Diane Guais on Vimeo.



French photographer and videographer Diane Guais offers us a new ethereal fashion film for the brand Ichiyo where a tale of modern day angst is revealed through striking dreamy imagery. Candy, a young woman fascinated by beauty, is filmed in her teenage room. In her dreams, she sees a dark and mysterious girl coming to visit her. Alone with her thoughts, she contemplates her reflection from a retro video camera connected to a television screen. Through this digital mirror, she uncovers memories from a buried past, coming back in flashes of recorded footage.A metaphor of our addictive relationships to self-image and beauty, “My Loveliness” perfectly translates the feeling of unease, grasping the contradictions of our over-connected generation.

Discover the article on crash magazine.


Directed by Diane Guais (@dianeguais)
Clothes Designer Ichiyo (@ichiyo_ichiyo)
Press Office (@autrementpr)
Music producer and sounddesign Swoyd Garden (@swoydgarden)
Starring Cléa Beuret (@clea_brt)
Starring Kauda Pharaon(@kaudapharaon)
Make-up Artist Marie Dufresne (@dufresnemarie)
Graphic design and Poster affiche by Charles Prieur (@charles_prieur)
Director Assistant Louise Guais (@louiseguais)
PR: Autrement PR