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about ichiyo

Her brand, Ichiyo, was born as a statement from her own visions of femininity. Its premier collection utilizes textures, details and layers to express a courageous attitude towards the challenges found in being a woman. Using a palette of pastel inspired colors, combined with intricate layerings of fabrics and materials. - Ichiyo mixes technical elements born from couture, tailoring and lingerie. The shape of each garment is carefully designed to fit and hug unique and different bodies. The resulting silhouettes are fresh, joyful and contemporary pieces designed to accompany a woman in her everyday life.



ichiyo taguchi

Coming from a Japanese-Korean family in Morioka, Japan, After graduating Japan women's university (Department of Economics), Ichiyo arrived in Paris at the age of 23. Graduating with her MFA in Design Pattern-Making at  L’ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, she would first intern at Courrèges and Chloé. Ichiyo would begin working for the historical haute couture maison Schiaparelli under the direction of Bertrand Guyon and later Daniel Roseberry. In the beginning of 2020, she found herself returning to Japan after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. During this period, Ichiyo would suspend her projects in Paris to care for her family, while reflecting on her life and career abroad. After the loss of her mother, Ichiyo decided to once again return to Paris, seizing the unique opportunity to fund her own brand and personal project, Ichiyo.

デザイナー 田口依智世

岩手県、盛岡市生まれ 。日本女子大学家政経済学部卒業後、23歳、渡仏。

エコール・デ・ラ・シャンブルサンディカルにて、ファッションデザイン、パターンメイキングの博士号を取得。クロエ、クレージュでのインターンを経て、オートクチュールのメゾン、エルザ スキャパレリでデザイナーBertrand Guyon のちに、Daniel Roseberryのディレクションの元、三年間の経験を積む。2020年1月母親のがん宣告を受け、パリでのすべての活動を中止し日本へ帰国。自身の将来の選択をする時間となる。最愛の母を喪失後、自分自身の好機を掴み、自身のブランド ”ichiyo” の設立を決意し、パリに戻る。