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SS22 "37°2 -Falling into you-"

 37°2 is the temperature of pregnant women in the morning. Since I was very young I have always felt conflicted about the way society treats emotions. Every day we deal with myriad different feelings, and we collectively struggle to express and vocalise these feelings because of the constraints of the culture we live in. This collection is about ‘’feelings and emotions”, especially about “the feelings of a woman”.  As women, we often feel pressured into controlling our emotions, and are belittled for even having them. I believe that being emotional and having love to give is beautiful. It’s as essential as air for human beings. It is something we should not hide, but instead be proud of. This collection is a combative statement to the world and our society. Emotions are our strength. We are stronger because of our femininity. We are stronger because of our feelings. 


For the colour palette of the collection, I decided to add shocking pink, red, orange, brown and grey to the fundamental pastel tones I have always used. I used this contrast between pastel and vibrant or dark colours to visually convey fluctuating, uncontrollable emotions. These colours represent different facades of femininity: sometimes light and young, other times deeper and more mature. Since my first collection, I’ve continued making clothes that encourage girls to have confidence in themselves. It’s has always been technically challenging to create pieces that are both comfortable but that also show the beautiful silhouette of women’s bodies. In this collection, I approach this subject by adding ‘bias cut’ in silk satin to certain skirts and dresses, while keeping the soft stretch mesh and fabrics which are essential to this brand.

When I design, I always have this idea of “habillée deshabillée” This time I’ve focused more on the side of  “Dressing up ” but I’ve deliberately used “nudity” as a way to “dress-up”, underwear becomes formalwear. For the prints in this collection, this time I have chosen to collaborate with photographer and artist Pavo Marinovic, a close friend and creative colleague with whom I share a beautiful universe. ‘falling into you’, ‘heart beat’ and ‘crazy romance’ are all prints based on flowers we collected and photographed together. These romantic images reminds us of ephemeral stories, - they’re poetic and melancholic at the same time.

The collection name 37°2 -FALLING INTO YOU- actually comes from my favorite movie, Betty Blue, 37°2 le matin, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix in 1986. The story and character of Betty strongly inspired the attitude, and the intense feelings behind this collection.










“habillée deshabillée(着る、脱ぐ)”, という言葉をいつも頭で考えながらデザインをしているのですが、今回は着飾ることにより焦点を当て、NUDITYもDRESS UPの一つの表現方法であることを提案しています。


今シーズンのプリントのデザインは写真家、友達かつ創作仲間のPavo Marinovicとのコラボレーションです。シーズンプリントの‘Falling into you’, ‘heart beat’ and ‘crazy romance’は彼と実際の花を撮影し、作り上げました。タイトルからもわかるように、詩的かつロマンティックで、儚いスートリーが想像できるようにデザインしました。


タイトルに付けた37°2 -FALLING INTO YOU-は、私の大好きな映画、BETTY BLUE, 37°2 le matin 監督Jean-Jacques Beineix in 1986 からインスパイアされました。この映画の主人公、BETTYの愛との葛藤と女性として生きる姿を私が表現したい、女性の感情のイメージにつなげています。