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SS 2023 "A Letter From..."

“A letter from…” is self-addressed: it’s to you and from you—because embracing and accepting oneself is an affirmation from within. This spring Ichiyo presents, “A letter from…,” a collection about the inherent complexities and contrasts women hold within themselves, introducing a diverse yet harmonious selection of pieces that recognize and celebrate the multi-faceted character of women—their girliness, their maturity, their masculinity. These are qualities tied to how women live their lives, and also to women’s wardrobes. This collection is a message of encouragement for women, that we should embrace our complexity and not have to define ourselves within a single idea. The beauty of Ichiyo is in the paradoxical: finding strength in being delicate and emotional, of finding femininity in stoic maturity. This season, the designer broadens her offering, appealing to and highlighting the complex contrasts women possess. To understand women is not a simple act —women are complicated, and their wardrobes ought to enhance their many sides—their womanhood, their toughness, their desire to dress up, and to feel beautiful and strong. 
“A letter from…” mirrors the varied and active lifestyle of confident, modern girls—of their casual day-to-day routine, their formal scenes, parties, and intimate moments. The Ichiyo girl enjoys life and is comfortable being herself. She finds strength in her softness—as a woman, she understands that these qualities are always in flux, always existing at the same time. 
Such contrasts materialize through Ichiyo’s fabric selection. Hallmarks of the brand, such as delicate lace and silk satin, are joined this season by casual fabrics, like woven cotton and stretchy jersey. Tailored offerings continue to be an important mainstay for Ichiyo, as a reference to masculinity and feminine maturity. This duality is seen in the use of twill, cut to both hug the curves of the body, and also to boyishly hang from it. The result is a garment that embraces femininity with a tough attitude. This season’s effort to appeal to the many genre of women is reflected in a diverse and rich fabric selection, one that incorporates novelties like pique stitch on lace denim and bonded lace and georgette. Transparency remains at the core of the brand’s identity, and this season’s elaborate selection of transparent fabrics, in varying opacities, has something to offer to all women. Layering with elevated lingerie furthers the wearability of transparent pieces. This playful styling is emblematic of the brand, and crystallizes in this collection’s swimwear. Multiple layers of tulle, lace, and lycra reveal and cover the body in an almost optical illusionary way. For SS23, the designer experimented with the lumen print technique, continuing her seasonal tradition of offering a new signature print per collection. Ichiyo worked with actual flowers and photo paper to create a dreamy and one-of-a-kind floral print. This season’s color palette and fabric choice reference the mid-twentieth century films by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, The Tales of Hoffmann, and The Red Shoes.  
A new signature accessory encapsulates the collection’s message on feminine and masculine contrast. A bow, and a tie, and a belt—all in one. This multi-purpose piece charmingly references archetypal symbols of femininity and masculinity, yet it conveys a modern message of flexibility, echoing the oscillating lifestyle of the Ichiyo girl.